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No longer a niche slice

of the American pie, Hispanics are now the largest and fastest growing demographic —and we know them like the back of our hand.


 Capture Their Two Trillion Buying Power 


This demographic is indeed profitable. According to eMarketer, Hispanics will have over $2 trillion of disposable income in 2021. Inteligencia is skilled in linking companies with this consumer by raising brand awareness that taps into who they are and what they want.

  • The buying power of this demographic group rose by 87% from 2010 to 2020—outpacing the 51% increase in non-Hispanic purchasing power over the same time.

  • By 2025, Hispanics will account for 12% of  all US buying power, and more than 75% of this demographic group will be using ecommerce channels.


In English or Español?

What language should you use to reach Hispanics? While Spanish remains an integral part of the culture, many speak English or are bilingual and welcome a dash of Spanglish. So the answer depends on what market segment you are trying to gain. Next question: Is it the same Spanish for all Hispanics? This is where brands get in trouble thinking one size fits all. From Mexicans, Cubans or Puerto Ricans, there are 10 unique groups in the U.S.. While each share a basic  language, their idioms and cultural color set each apart.

The Hispanization of America

We are experiencing a rare demographic occurrence. Refusing to give up part of their identity and blend into the melting pot, Hispanics today are living a bicultural experience. In their groundbreaking Monitor Study, Kantar Consulting discovered:

• About 92% of Hispanics believe it feels natural to live in the United States and embrace the culture of their origin.

• About 59% of Hispanics believe that their cultural heritage significantly influences their purchasing decisions.

•  Approximately 59% of Hispanics seek out brands that acknowledge their culture’s unique traditions.


It's a Cultural Thing

Inteligencia is a market research leader in the Hispanic market—and not just because we are Hispanic and multicultural. For over 25 years we have interviewed countless Latinos, giving us an edge of valuable research experience. Our studies have predicted great changes and emerging new trends that have kept our client’s Hispanic marketing efforts on point. We know Hispanics don’t want to be labeled just Mexicans or Nicaraguans or even Venezuelans; in advertising they want to be represented which translates into appealing to their cultural and language differences. Our interviewers/moderators are trained to address these differences.

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