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   Jackie Fernandez

   President and Owner,

   Inteligencia Research Inc.

Inteligencia's Ogilvy
Awards for Excellence
in Research,

Meet Jackie

Our Master Moderator

and Senior Analyst 

A two-time recipient of the Ogilvy Award for Excellence in Research, Jackie Fernandez is

one of the most in demand qualitative research consultants in the country—and the key to our success.

Her visionary perspective has made Jackie Fernandez

an award-winning market researcher. As the driving force behind innumerable groundbreaking studies, her expertise encompasses advertising testing, brand equity/positioning, new product concept development, exploratory research, segmentation, customer experience, and tactical/evaluative studies.

Interviewing over 100,000 consumers throughout her career, she is recognized as an expert in the understanding of consumer psychology. Her specialized communication techniques combined with a gift for creating human connections, allow Fernandez to extrapolate important information from diverse audiences. Clients consistently rave about getting “what they need and what they didn’t expect” from her research studies.


Fernandez is bilingual and bicultural and counts with over 26 years of experience in the general and U.S. Hispanic markets, as well as for the Latin American and Caribbean regions. Spearheading projects in a variety of industries, she specializes in vital sectors such as education, healthcare, retail, entertainment, banking, CPG, luxury products, hospitality, fashion, and many more.

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