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What makes your audience tick?


What makes your
audience tick?

We turn data
into useful
insights and profitable

Specializing in Hispanic, multicultural
and multilingual studies.

Celebrating 25
years of proven experience in
the research industry.

This Is Us

We help all types and size of businesses know their customers better. Inteligencia works with Fortune 500 corporations to boutique firms, to other research companies that need to subcontract work in moderating, in-language studies, or the Hispanic market. Turning data into insights, our master analysts identify problem areas, developing market trends, and new business opportunities to expand your marketing reach. Servicing the General and Hispanic markets, we specialize in such industries as healthcare, consumer goods, retail, banking, hospitality, technology, luxury products, CPG, entertainment, and more.

And our success shows in:

  • Brand identity and development

  • New marketing strategies

  • Product development and line extension evaluation

  • Packaging enhancements

  • On-target consumer advertising as seen in print, television, radio, and online media

  • Online and social media campaigns

  • Community events


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